By: AzurreDawn~


Whenever I feel the light of realization and truth

I search the lies within that held back my freedom


When I see where the darkness lies

I begin to understand

how love rides on the wings of my heart … unnoticed


I know it is only a momentary blindness

a weakness of my heart afraid to feel

that allows the darkness to hide my love


It is moving through that fear

I find my greatest courage, my greatest strength

it is through these challenges. I find my way in life


When my hearts cries with self condemnation

when I feel weak, filled with despair

I focus on the conviction that this too will pass

with a greater comprehension

releasing my heart to rediscover the love I am

It is from this understanding, that I gain a deeper acceptance

and compassion for myself and others


Of what value can I be if I shelter a part of myself

that lives in the darkness of lies withheld from others in


A part of myself I must continuously hide

with a false image of perfection


I strive for my silence, that part of myself unexpressed

to stand strong in beauty, harmony, sincerity, integrity and


not lived divided by the ignorance

of some unspoken doctrine created by people

that hold denial and lie as virtue


It is easy to be nice

it takes courage to be honest

in the aloneness of introspection

I find a me I most definately like

a heart that loves for loves’ sake


Confidence becomes my foundation

in that foundation I build my life

I find there is no greater purpose

no greater goal

than the discovery of the love I am

                          ©  1988  ~AzurreDawn