By: AzurreDawn~


As the light of the moon

moved slowly through the window,

casting light over my body,

it brought with it an unrecognizable experience.


As a soft, feathery wind passed over me,

with each breeze,

my senses filled with serenity.

I focused on the gentle wind,

Noticing it carried within its serenity,

a communion of with all that was of life.


I began to see all form as motion of particles.

An ever-growing expansive awareness revealed to me

that I was a part of everything, everywhere,

and it was all a part of me.


As I focused upon the winds breath,

it became the presence of my consciousness.

I began to understand how everything

was an object of my awareness,

and was in essence, pure energy

moving at different rates of speed,

creating everything from solids to gaseous states.


I realized from this state of beingness,

that energy is the creation

of everything tangible and intangible.

Unable to be created, unable to be uncreated.


Joyously, I became aware that Nature is a catalyst

to the Awakening of the Greater Mystery of Life,

I found myself on the most wonderous of journeys,

the Journey of All That Is.

                                        ©  1991  ~AzurreDawn