an epitaph eroded from stone
love lost crossing claims
true faith violations never were
but relinquished once more
a story stand alone
die with no one
freedom but life is a shackle
and chains and chains and chains
to the earth ties a tether
locked down like wild beast
us in the dark and for what means
pity self when no others will come
and desecrate the sweet flower
which wilts with joyous bloom
a petal a petal a petal
a stem
cry no more the dew of ageing
and give none the solemn satisfaction
of your encagement
but spit



From the ashes,

Beauty rendor.
Hand that clashes,
with faded splendor.

Once begotten,
Love, the cost.

Given ,
and received,
We lived in,
What we believed.

Dormant lie,
Unseen seed.
To grow or die,
No answer need.

We have tasted glory,
Made the feeling true.
Now, but a story,
This love have bid adieu.

Seen within the face,
Of memories now fading.
Melting at it’s pace,
And in thus negating.

Fair thee well,
My , once upon a time.
Alas we did fail,
Leaving  nothing but this rhyme.




  Misty Grove
forbidden course leads
to an ancient place
forgotten roads
to be retraced
long lost paths
from elder days
when woodland nymphs
would twirl and play
gathering in
the misty grove
sacred rites
start to unfold
as darkness begins
to settle in
the full moon glow
starts to ascend
a spell is cast
upon the wood
as secret chants
are understood
now calling out
the powers that be
summoning forth
their deities
prancing beneath
the stars and trees
as the spirits
are set free
ceremonies bred
in magic night
seducing winds
to give them flight.
~  2007  -DominionPress-


With the Poems and Prose
the spirits arose
and walked in the mist
before morn
The nymphs sang their songs
twas there they belonged
before morn in the mist
in the glen
No stronger a spell
had been cast near the knell
as the spirits arose there
fore dawn
They danced with the nymphs
with a strange innocence
in the glen, near the knell
where they rose
They arose before dawn
in the mist they danced on
with the nymphs
to their poems and prose


She Necromancer
He once a famous poet
she fell in love
with  paper and pencil he romanced her.
She Necromancer
a sorceress indeed
made a potion to capture him.
At a poetry reading
she went to see him
She necromancer seduced him.
In his wine she drugged him
and when he woke
chained in the basement he was.
She Necromancer
told her poetic romancer
to romance her with his words.
As time went on
he begged for freeedom
but her blackened heart wouldnt let him.
He tried to escape
so she cut off his feet
in the cold ground burried him hip deep.
No food no water
no way to escape
his mortal life slipped away.
She Necromancer
was not worried
even in death she forced him to write.
She necromancer
heard this new poet
with his words she fell in love.
She made a new potion
to drug him and seduce him
and join the others in the basement below. . . . . .
3 -15-14                             LiNdS