By: LaGrif~

The air was still and sultry and filled with honeysuckle scent,
Evening shade was hovering, for the day was nearly spent.
As I strolled lazily about my garden enjoying the floral fare,
Blithely enjoying my cigar, relaxing, without a single care.
Was it a sort of mirage, a trick from fast shadowing light?
For something caught my eye perhaps a dragonfly in flight,
Amidst the abundance of apple blossom something moved. 
Thus with a furtiveness, that any cat would have approved,
I neared the apple tree inquisitive as to what I might see.
As I peered into the blossoms, quick as a flash, it broke free.
I was startled as it sped before my eyes with such an alacrity,
Though still sceptical I must admit it could have been a fairy.


© LaGrif – Bryan Sydney Griffin. All rights reserved