By: Dan Gibbons~ 

Why do you keep calling me Popeye?

I’m not a sailor

The sea makes me queasy

And my suits are tailored.


Pipes aren’t my thing,

I don’t like to smoke.

Keep this under your hat,

I have had the odd toke.


I don’t laugh like a Hyena

And I don’t have a permanent frown.

Drop that thought from your mind,

There will be no “blow me down.”


And spinach is sprayed

With chemicals that were banned,

But there is recycling money

From all those steel cans.


I have no issues with Bluto

But Brutus is a bit of a drag

And that broad is smoking,

Why do they call her “Sea Hag?”


I think I see your angle now.

Man, you make my blood boil.

Yeah, I have a sister,

But her name’s not Olive Oil.



©Dan Gibbons. All rights reserved

SecretAgent14 LNP @ Allpoetry.com