By: Dan Gibbons~ 

I try to remember a time when I was happy.

When life had a flow and I had a family.

It seems that centuries have past, actually,

I see no end to this agony.


Life must go on, but I think I’m missing the point.

I am I truly living when I can’t be with the ones I love?

As I sit here today, another plan I must think of.

Maybe it’s time to walk the plank?  All I need is a shove.


It’s the coward’s way out, but it takes some courage to dangle,

Swinging at the end of a rope, you see life from a different angle.

I may have let go of the past, but others will hold me hostage.

Once it’s on paper, the door’s blown wide open, the whole world sees the carnage.


Oh and they are so much better than me, just ask them

They are quick to judge and love to condemn

Now as I walk alone, there is no peace, only dread

Sometimes the cold hard facts indicate I’m better off dead


Six feet under, takes care of plenty.  No more heartache, guilt or shame.

Now you are the archer and life’s bull’s eye is in view, so take careful aim.

No more anxious waiting for the other shoe to drop, because you can’t pop the lid off the coffin,

But tread lightly because now it’s all on you.  I am not here to blame.



©Dan Gibbons. All rights reserved

SecretAgent14 in LNP@AllPoetry.com