By: Dan Gibbons~

Give me a moment,

I’m heavy in the chest.

Can’t show any agony,

Pain is a poison he digests.


Don’t look him in the eye,

I know he’s not Medusa.

You won’t turn to stone

But he will certainly use you.


Let’s walk the other way,

Don’t cross his path.

He won’t think twice

About unleashing his wrath.


What’s that in his hand?

Looks like temptation.

Your soul is his money,

Prays on self-annihilation.


His sees you as clay

And he will mold you into death.

Take you down to his oven,

Cure you in its depths.


Now you’re on the shelf

With all the other pots.

He’s not afraid

Of your little metal cross.


He fears only one providence,

So strong it can’t be damned.

For true salvation,

United we stand.



©Dan Gibbons. All rights reserved

SecretAgent14 in LNP @AllPoetry.com