By: Dan Gibbons~

Pride and Ego continue to corrupt
A deviant pair of saboteurs
That cauldron of confusion thoroughly stirred
That straight line you seek, they will blur

They don’t have a care in the world
And why should they?
Their power and control lead you astray
Welcome to the devil’s ballet

Still lost at sea
Everything out of focus
The lighthouse is broken
As you edge towards hopeless

It’s a production of death
By no means a victim less crime
Draw another breath
Or become a chalk outline

Escape the underworld
It’s not child’s play
Nor someone’s sick joke
Dance with these demons and you will pay

There’s no issues with your fearlessness
So I will throw a little love your way
No more front row seats
At the devil’s ballet
Author Notes
Never dance with the devil

© Dan Gibbons. All rights reserved, 9 days ago

SecretAgent14 LNP@AllPoetry.com