By: Dan Gibbons~

Seen so much of it since I’ve been here
The pain, the agony, the utter despair.
The flames shoot from the devil’s mouth
And now you just don’t care.

The words hurt, cut so deep
They live in your head
You can’t knock them out,
This is how the addiction is fed.

As you slip into the dark water
The angel on your shoulder begins to drown.
Its evils twin has no such issues,
Head above water, it schemes to take you down.

As the whirlpool of madness increases in strength
Your head launches and starts to spin.
The devil’s submarine breeches the surface,
He smiles as he invites you in.

But there’s a lifeguard on duty
And he can see you are in distress.
When he throws you the life preserver,
Grab on tight, this is loves sweet caress.

©Dan Gibbons. All rights reserved