By: Aries~


Down in the duck pond
where the water lilly grow,
there’s a choir of green frogs,
led by a bullfrog named Joe.

Now young Vonliperdoodles
frog thought that he truly could sing,
keroak, keroaked Vonliperdoodles
with such intent and might
’til all the little fat tadpoles, circled into
a tight ring and quickly swam away with fright

Joe bullfrog sadly slowly shook his head all night
then said in quite a tone of some disbelief
“Young Vonliperdoodles you really must get it right,
or that raucous keroak of yours will bring the choir to grief”

Poor young Vonliperdoodles now feeling rather sad
felt so sure that he could sing really very good
Slowly he hopped away, from off his lilly pad
to sit all alone, upon a large log of wood

A friendly Magpie, looked down from his perch
high up to see a little frog at the foot of the tree,
He asked Vonliperdoodles ” Little frog why the dark frown?
tell me what ever can the matter be?”

With tear filled eyes youngVonliperdoodles replied
“They say I can’t sing, though I do try so hard
bulfrog Joe said I’m far too noisy, he softly sighed
he says its like mad dogs, locked up in a backyard”

The Magpie chortled and yodelled sweet then loud
saying “Listen little frog, just sing with all your heart,
you have there inside you a voice to be very proud,
now off you go back and join with the choir, quick be smart”

So young Vonliperdoodle swiftly hopped back to the pond,
holding his head up high, let his voice soar and true sweetly fly
With such heartfelt Keroaks a musical melodious sounding song
that reverberated reaching upwards floating far into the distant sky

As all the birds halted standing silent and listened
the little tadpoles swam back, happy to stay without any fear,
then in bullfrog Joe’s eyes bright tears could be seen glistened
when young Vonliperdoodles ended they all gave a rousing cheer
Aries… LNP@ AllPoetry.com