By: GlennMarchand~

Let’s make a covenant: let’s vow unto death, our sacred dream.

For indigo has flooded the skies, in honor of our debut. Thus

Unveil; present to soul the treasures of God. Else cloven and

Unsteady, my broken spirit. For the ambience is the essence of

Love. Wherefore we dine upon axioms, such candor, a kiss.

And the catalyst, divine in its touch. Whereby credence, a web

Of passion, rapport of lovers. Thus my love, texture of gold, we

Perish to live, alive, unto oceanic flames. Wherefore immortal,

Our dance, as gallant as nobility. And we dare to fly, mystic in

Our rapture. Whereby the sublime, a manifest vision, surging

Through our veins. Thus dolor, the depth of love, fantastic in its

Essence. And such nectar, alive in our souls, unto vibrant

Addiction. Wherefore satiated, such tender amore, our sacred

Blessing. Hence an inrush of rhapsody, unto sheer bliss.