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on The Prompt Above 

     Unsettled Spirits
lost unsettled spirits
and angels in the night
wrestle with the balance
between the darkness and the light
waging battles felt
but seldom are they seen
a timeless constant war
that decides eternity
so be mindful of those feelings
that you can’t quite understand
for they help to form your destiny
beyond this time of man.       



Two Hearts Beat as One


I surrendered my soul kissed by love
Seduced by sounds of heart
warm embraces
Losing ourselves
As everlasting life
Thrown out of time
Lost in eternity
If ever two were one, then surely we
From the mornings first light
To the evenings last star
Forever as love
Two consciousnesses meet
To be free as love
fires burning bright
we whisper thru the night
the shadows of souls
merging as one
I Can Finally
Give form to the sadness
Finally give voice to the tears
tears of recognitions voice
~©   2014   ~AzurreDawn