By: Fillmyeyes~

Hello There Dear Santa
it’s been quite a while.
I’ve grown so much taller
and now have a full smile
It’s been long since I’ve written
so long since we’ve met
I’ve missed you dear Santa
you’re hard to forget
I’ve since gotten married,
with children, my own
they also do love you
now they too now are grown
My son he since started
a family, his own
in the blink of an eye
this child too will be grown
I’ll not ask for myself
but for all of mankind
please help me dear Santa
my request “peace of mind”
I have spoken to God,
but, free will is the one
shaking my head
at the damage it’s done.
The season of giving
is here once again
my request it seems simple
Peace to all men.
I know you can do it
if it can ever be done
The Spirit of giving,
and love, you’re the one
I ask you dear Santa
for peace here on earth
please stuff all the stockings
with kindness and mirth
I thank you dear Santa
for taking the time
to read this request
as the clock gently chimes
I know you are busy
you have much left to do,
but I just want to say
I will always love you.