The Pros

Entry #1

Diabolus cordis os meum
Devils tear my heart
it runs a bloody red
tell me why they never just
put my soul to bed
I reach up with prayer
trying to get higher
faraway from fears
please collect my tears
because holy are they now
when they dropped for man
they were an acid rain, somehow
but I’m giving it the best shot that I can
to be more good
clawing while your devils
feast with lack of explanation
or I misunderstood.
I know that you are part of me.
and I am part of you
if that’s the angels chore
to show you in my heart that
I bleed like humans do
on Valentines lets switch it all around
let your love drop on me
let the devils let me go
my ravaged heart just needs to know.
if loveis real…



Entry # 2

Valentine Promise
Wrapped in paper
With hearts and a red ribbon
Is your Valentin’s present from me
On small hearts I have written
365 days of things I will do
To make all your dreams come true
On day one…Valentine ’s Day
All my promises will begin
I will bring you a special bouquet
To show how much I love you
In each and every way
As each new day dawns
I want you to open that box
And take out one heart
Read what is written on it
Because the messages
Come from my heart
You will never know until the day comes
What I have planned for you
It might be a special luncheon
Or a Caribbean Cruise
A day at the Opera would be nice
Or maybe a play at the Shea’s
I want to see you happy knowing
How much I love you
Each and every day
I might take you sailing
Or for a walk in the park
Holding you in my arms
And kissing you in the dark
One little heart note
Is a very special one
I can’t tell you which one it is
But you will know when it comes
For there will be moonlight
Shinning over the lake
When I hand you a little box
Asking if my love forever you will take
A diamond for your finger
To prove that you are mine
For all of our tomorrows
From now till the end of time



Entry # 3

A parents love
A parents love
the strongest love
Her child very sick.
A parents love
her love a strength
to give comfort to me.
A parents love
she showed no fear
so not to frighten me.
A parents love
she watched me heal
relief upon her face.
Then in her eyes
the smallest tear,like crying
her relief.
A parents love
the strongest love
her strength she gave to me.


redroseEntry # 4

Lover’s Day
The heart small pink and lonely
Beat its rhythmic pace slow
Sometimes sinking only
For lack of love to grow
Twas news of a special day
Set apart from all the others
That hearts beat red and fast
When connected to a lover
Heart then checked the calendar
And found there it was true
Hope sprang for that fateful day
As all the longing hearts do
And then in perfect happenstance
A pale pink heart in passing by
Paused momentarily just by chance
But caught the small heart’s eye
Its heart doubled in size to its surprise
Racing now faster than ever
No longer pink but red instead
Heart had never felt better
Introduced, pursued and wooed
Two hearts then became as one
Beating blood red, soon were wed
Lover’s day has just begun