This Months Theme Will Be……

“The First Time I Ever Skied or Ice Skated”

Thanks Yak!!!

foxseaone trophy

Under the Spotlight



as I watched my children skating on the ice

under the spotlight

I heard the music of my childhood.

The crisp sound of metal blades lifting and gliding.

Laughter despite the cold iron air.

Wind swirling snow without destination.


I stayed outside after they went in.

Standing there alone in the silence

I remembered what home felt like.


Closing my eyes I was a child again.

Skating on the pond beside my home under the spotlight.

My parents were sitting at the table

watching through the sliding glass doors.

I whirled, jumped, glided picked up speed

flipped around, dipped, arms and legs of a dancer on ice.

Only hearing the music of my own movements.



for a moment

it felt like home.


poke trophy



In the hospital again

as I look out the window

watching it snow outside


I watch the wind

blow and swirl

the powdery snow outside


it takes me back

to the childhood memory

of a day much like today


it’s snowing

schools cancelled

grab the shovel and skates

bundle up

it’s time to go outside


we arrive at the pond

we grab the shovels

to clear the pond of snow


pond’s clear

ice looks great

lace up the skates

let’s go


we take to the ice

then I see my dad

he’s come to watch me skate


the skates make a sound

when the blades touch the ice

and I love the scraping sound


as I skate around

mouth is open yummy snowflakes

then I see my dads smiling face


before I know

it’s time to go

as I skate to my dads open arms


Take off the skates

put on my boots

hand in hand dad and I go


when we get home

hot chocolate waits

to warm our ice chilled souls


although it’s been

ten years or more

today took me back to that day



Third Place

We the Ones Who Aren’t Falling


We must be sadistic.

Razor sharp blades at the bottom of their feet.

Bound by ridiculously tight laces

Stiletto high skates.

Wobbly legs.

Ice too slippery for us to walk on.

Really? What was I thinking?


As if that weren’t enough

then we give them big long sticks.

throw a puck in for fun

and muffle a laugh each time they fall.

Perhaps we should put them in a suit of armor?

Maybe a thick layer of bubble wraps?


“You’ll get it ” We-the-Ones-Who-Aren’t-Falling say.

“Keep trying, put your hands out when you fall,

watch out don’t put them near the skates.

Whoa careful! Whoops, you okay?”

They are closer to the ground we rationalize

as they fall.

They are having fun, right?


My teenage daughter baby steps every move.

My six year old son tosses the hockey stick aside

and says “I don’t need this– this is easy.”

as he dashes off determined.


I am not alone.  Later a group of friends gather and

a playful hockey game begins among the five and six year olds. 

“No the goal you want is that way…., You okay?

Good job! Careful… Whoa… Whoops”

I feel a slight bit of relief when I hear the other adults

laugh each time the kids fall like some slow moving cartoon

where none of the characters get hurt.


We survived this too right?  Can’t be that bad.



Entry #4

Pokes Anonymous Poem….


Do Yaks Ski ?


Has anyone else

ever seen

a Yak attempting to ski ?


Would there be two ?

Would there be four

Hooves mounted to the skies ?


The Yak mounts the skies

on all four hooves of course

what else were you expecting to see


goggles and scarves

ear muffs of course

all it needs is a push


well I heard a sound

of panic fill the air

of grunting groaning and clammering hooves


I saw it coming

ohhh what a sight

was a yak on just one ski?


a yak on one ski

his tail in the breeze

in a giant snowball you do see


it rolled past me

then I heard the crash

ohhhh what a sight did I see


in the ski lodge a yak

at the fireplace he sat

warming up all four hooves


and he got to his hooves

by the look on his face

clearly something was wrong


then I heard a rumbling pfffft

and what smell filled the air

oops, on the snow the missing ski


when I looked at the Yak

his blushing cheeks

but a look of relief on his face


then I heard it again a rumbling pfffft

as the smell once again filled the air

then beside the yak was ski instructor Mr.  Mc Graff

screaming NO a yak cannot ski