By: SoulProbe7~


  In the soul of the storm
with sights on desire
planted, weeping within the soil
I stretched my arms through solitude
encircling the footprint of my Lord
My tears flooded the river
washing away my iniquity’s
into the roots which held me
releasing me from entanglement
soon to set my flight free
magnified, my love for you
crossing all constraints
through clearance and time
palming the Holy Ghost
so intently with all of mine
I place my palms on the floor
Thankful for mercy
from the deep, deep increase
of a dark .dark ominous storm
Lord I found your peace
The beauty of such a love
attentive to every aspect
gracious with mutual passions
considerate and competent
And a overwhelming sense of one
I lie down my troubles
at the footprint of my Lord
and breathe once more
the calm has taken over
I stand up, rising from the floor

Soulprobe7…. Melinda