By: ADevilParadigm~


-I ascend from my deep slumber
After months and weeks of hate
Quicken the pace of insanity
Whilst I ponder dying fates
My eyes are sewn and sealed
So my life can not escape
Such a masochistic soul
Drowning far beneath this rape-

Dripping melancholy’s blood
A life entwined with sin
Radiating madness from a painful place within
Hallucinate perfection
A live phantasmacy
An intricate intrusion of my wildest fantasies

And She, so flawless…
Adored my dead caress
Mutilating barriers I delicately dressed
This fearing
Enthralled beneath my breast
This Goddess the obsession I held high above the rest

-I ascend from my deep slumber
After months and days away
Envision Her escaping bored
Infecting black soul gray
Free eyes now sewn and sealed
Keeping anguish far at bay
Such a masochistic soul
Fiend and addict to the pain-

Racing misanthropia
Indulging in my vein
Amputating feelings pulsing deep within my brain 
This attractive deviant
Ardent angel of the night
Replaced me with a lustful carnal vision of delight

And She, so perfect…
Contorts Her dialect
Incubating insolence I forcefully correct
This feeling
Entombed can not infect
This Goddess the obsession that I find I cant reject

-I ascend from my deep slumber
After months and years of pain
This feeling of regret unbound
Escaping with the rain
My eyes are sewn and sealed
And my life refound replays
Such a masochistic soul
With me She now remains- 
[Lexx Raiiden – 2002]