Our Village

Our Village

a bench honed out of ebony
transformed to butterfly wings
a place where people gather
form ideas from ivory dreams
a tree of many colored branches
leaves of iridescent hues
rising up and reaching out
sprouting forth creative views
a very unique coalition
a place of simple flow
warm feel of belonging
with effervescent glow
walking down the road of Yang
throwing wild flowers to the wind
sitting on the butterfly bench
between the gates of Yin
within the village of creation
there are many artist here
some swaying in the sunlight
others cloaked behind the tears
as if inspired from the Chelsea
walls speaking from the grave
kindred spirits congregate
gathered souls upon the wave
appreciating the like minded
embracing souls in bloom
respecting all the variations
which heal the hearts of gloom
next time you wander on a journey
at the crossroad read the sign
one points right toward our village
come and share a glass of wine

Charles and Melinda
Feb 1, 2014


Bohemian Hamlet


a true sense of belonging
inhaling common breaths of air
a communal place and purpose
ebb and flow of thoughts we share
a true place of understanding
where each and everyone’s at home
a quaint bohemian hamlet setting
the bards and poets like to roam
where ideas flourish and blossom
seeds of emotion free to grow
planting deep roots of foundation
yet letting inspiration freely flow
yielding fruits of aged wisdom
garden of verse and rhyme
blooming forth to captivate
and touch the heart of all mankind
so welcome to our little village
where the light of heart shines bright
settle in and share the magic
enjoy our time of verbal flight.

Community Frivolity

What is a community
When its lacking frivolity?
Friendships come and go
This is life you know!

Community events bringing together
Ladies, children, even the fellows
Down the park, down the pub
Communities are the world’s hub

Joy, sadness are all around
On this hallowed ground
Churches, schools filled with joy
Come join in, don’t be coy

English Kitten


Two Hearts Beat As One
I surrendered my soul kissed by love
Seduced by sounds of heart
And warm embraces
Losing ourselves
As everlasting life
Thrown out of time
Lost in eternity
If ever two were one, then surely we
From the mornings first light
To the evenings last star
Forever as love
Two consciousnesses meet 
To be free as love
Fires burning bright      
We whisper thru the night
The shadows of souls
Merging as one
I Can Finally
     Give form to the sadness
          Finally give voice
To the Tears of Recognitions of You

©  Jan 24, 2014   ~



What Are We ?

I always believed there is a common truth,

shared by all people

like we all have minds and bodies;

heaven and earth.


I came to know that there are truths within truths.

Communities within communities

like states within countries;

eagles within a forest of trees.


Among the community of humankind

a breed of communicators

work through that common truth;

action into thought into script.


It is necessary to deal with life.

It is imperative to show others

how life is dealt with;

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Sharing the forest that eagles continue on wing;

We are blades in the hearts of ignorance.




A Community Haiku

a community
sharing times of joy and pain
together always




The sense of awe and all
The splendor and singularities
A miniature world within
Imagined civilization
The silence and loneliness
of the ordinary
were to beautiful to endure

Whether Gathering in the Parks
Or within gilded palaces
the simplify of lives
could never be captured 
by the eyes of just one 
Artist, one composer, one painter

The community is no singular note
But several symphonies playing
An endless opera 
of un seeming sincrinous movement
Voices, light, sound, smells
All dancing upon the stage

Yet from the city roofs above
The traffic stops and turns 
like colorfully rivers and streams
reflective streets glowing bright
like the hot gasses of unseen milkyways

The cacophony of voices, noise pollution
fade into the roar of the community
Creating its own life, a vibration 
a vivid sensation, a departure from oneself
One melts, and We Are.

We fall as one snow flake
Dancing in life right next to another
Each different, yet unique
Beautiful from afar,

Adorning the streets
Crowning the tree tops
In white splendor
with a snow storm of quiet beauty
that never sleeps…