By: Phaeties~

You are my angel from way above
Dressed in a halo of porcelain light
Mutual eyes see through the mortal lies
As wings descend behind the tawny sunrise
The fancy of nature is upon your beck of call
Summer, spring winter and fall
Dance at your foot steps
And show the heavens what gods beget
By edge of power’s appetite
Wretches of poetic tongue
Ploy in their naked imaginations
Hungering in your energies and divinations
Pale is the pent up ink
Verbal mettle pushed to the brink
As inertia creeps like a flood
Hearts splinter and mortals brood
You sense tragedy upon the wind
Eyes black, About to begin
The sightless stir of horror and joy

With the likeness of a newborn boy
My angel, my light and dark
Striding as cherubim upon the mark
You dance upon the spider webs
Overleaping gossimer flower beds
With the passage of your presence
Elegant waves of decadance
You set spirits free
And keep the world in awe of thee.
akin to the waking dream..
to my everlasting reverie                                                                      

to the  first frost of spring
and rise of the red moon
you are glorious valkyrie