By: HappyHazelEyes~

The little girl climbed up on her daddy’s knee and looked at him with her bright green eyes.  He put his paper down and smiled at her.  “What do I owe this honor for?” He asked.

The little girl smiled back and tilted her head and said,”Daddy, how did you know you wanted to marry mommy?  How did you know that she was the one for you?”

He reached over and on the table was a beautiful blue candle in a very pretty blue dish. He reached in the drawer and brought out a lighter.  With the lighter, he lit the candle and it glowed and showed off all the colors of the pretty dish it was setting in.

“Now,” He said, “I will try and explain how I fell in love with your mommy.  You see that candle that I lit on the table?  Well, that is what I will use to tell you about how you begin to know that you really love someone.  Do you notice the different colors in the flame of that candle?” He said.

The little girl nodded her head and said .”Yes daddy, it has many different colors in the flame, but what does that have to do with love?”

“Well, when I first met your mommy we were just teenagers in school and passed each other in the halls everyday. I would smile at her and say hi and she would smile back and say hi to me.  Now you see that yellow outer light coming from the candle? Well, that is the beginning of love.  For after a while I would see your mommy and I started to talk to her . Oh , nothing important, just silly things teenagers say to each other, but we started to get to know each other better and soon we became friends.  That was the beginning of my feelings for your mommy. Every day I would wait by her locker just to see her and talk to her before class started. Then we started walking to classes together and I carried her books for her.  We laughed and talked and finally I got enough nerve up to ask her if she would go out to the movies with me on Friday night.  She accepted and it was a great date. We enjoyed each others company and had a wonderful time. 

“Now sweetheart, do you see that slightly darker yellow color, almost like a light orange?”

Again, the little girl nodded her head as she looked at the candle with the dancing flame that was sitting on the table.

“Well, we started to date more often and we talked all about our dreams and what we wanted out of life.  It seemed that your mommy and I had a lot of the same dreams and plans for the future.  As we dated more and saw each other more we became closer and closer, just like that yellow/orange color in the candle is closer to the top of the candle.”

The young girl looked up at her daddy and said,”Daddy, what about that middle light on the candle? What does that mean?”

Her daddy smiled and squeezed her tightly in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. “Well, now, that flame is a deep red color and it is the brightest color of the candle. This is the color of deep love. Mommy and I dated for a long time and we talked and planned and really got to know each other and as we did, we found out that our feelings for each other had gotten deeper and deeper. We both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together when we were finished with school . We still had many years of school to finish because when we graduated from high school both of us wanted to go to college and get our degrees. 

All through college, we wrote to each other and on the holidays when we came home we always were together.  We grew to love each other more and more as the years went flying by and when we graduated, I asked your mommy to marry me and she said yes.”

“That is why the color of the middle of the flame on the candle is such a deep red color, because mommy and I loved each other that deeply and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.”

The little girl smiled and told her daddy that he was very special to pick mommy for his wife.  Daddy just laughed and kissed her on the forehead again and squeezed her tighter and said that the story wasn’t finished yet.

“You see honey, after we got married and we both worked for a few years, we bought this house and moved into it but it seemed like something was missing. We had so much love for one another that we decided that we wanted to share this love with someone else. Can you guess who that was?”  He said.

“Yes, the little girl squealed, I can! I can! You and mommy decided that you wanted to have me, didn’t you?”

As he gathered his little girl into his arms he kissed her gently on her cheeks and said very quietly, “Yes, sweetheart, mommy and I decided that we wanted an angel to come and live with us and be our little girl, and God sent you to us to love.”