By: CCPoems4U~


 Have you wondered why the sky is blue,

 And never pink or green

A kaleidoscope of colors,

Boy, wouldn’t that be keen.


 Did you know that just before it rains,

 The sky gets dark and gray,

 With thunder claps and lightning bolts,

Some kids get scared they say.


Nope, not me,  I ain’t ascared,

 I think its really neat,

 To feel the rain upon my face,

 Earth trembling neath my feet.


 I sure wish I was a pilot,

I’d drive my plane so high,

 Then add a thousand flavors ,

 To every raindrop in the sky.


 And then go to a football games,

They run and throw and hit 

 Its seems so rough and violent,

But it don‘t hurt me a bit..


 Someday I’ll grow and have a job,

 Then I’ll buy lots of food.

 I’d feed the homeless , clothe the poor,

 and invest in Texas Crude.


I think I’d like to travel,

 Nah, I’ve changed my mind,

 There’s not much in this world to see,

For a Nine year old who’s blind.


Gotta go, so if you ever need,

a different point of view

Just close you eyes and live your life,

The way you always do.


 Then remember me, the blind kid,

 when you walk into a wall.

And of the other special people,

 If by chance you fall.


 Remember, when you see us,

to always do what’s right,

 and if we should need a helping hand,

 Please share your gift of sight.


               CCPoems4u …Dave