By: CCPoems4U~


I see a tear upon your cheek,
Something wrong now, I can see.
We’ve had our share of sadness,
Now this, what could it be.
I scanned the room for onions,
Or sad movie on T V.
But I knew what I had stumbled on,
Would not be solved so easily.
A second tear was followed,
By a sad and empty stare,
Then loosing your composure,
You collapsed into the chair.
The phone was sitting off the hook,
I knew this was the source,
I didn’t want to question you,
But I was left with no recourse.
Tell me Dear, what is it,
Who was on the phone,
I knew I should not have gone to shop,
And left you here alone.
You’ve been so very distant,
Since the Video was shown,
Not allowing friends or family,
To set foot inside our home.
I cant say that I blame you,
I fear your every fear,
But just this once, please, could you,
Come let me hold you near.
Yes , that’s it now, take my hand,
I’ll not leave you alone.
I share your every heartbeat,
Since they told us he was gone.
I’ll be back in just a second,
Damn phone, why should I bother,
Hello,  who is this, Major Who ?
Yes Sir,  I’m his Father.
He’s what ?,  He is ?, When ? Thank you, Sir,
 We’ll wait to hear from you.

Sweetheart, Our Son is coming home,
Our nightmare finally threw.
He’s been released in Baghdad,
He’s free,  Our little boy,
So tonight we’ll cry together,
But this time tears of Joy.