By: Phaeties~

The sense of awe and all
The splendor and singularities
A miniature world within
Imagined civilization
The silence and loneliness
of the ordinary
were to beautiful to endure


Whether Gathering in the Parks
Or within gilded palaces
the simplify of lives
could never be captured
by the eyes of just one
Artist, one composer, one painter


The community is no singular note
But several symphonies playing
An endless opera
of un seeming sincrinous movement
Voices, light, sound, smells
All dancing upon the stage


Yet from the city roofs above
The traffic stops and turns
like colorfully rivers and streams
reflective streets glowing bright
like the hot gasses of unseen milkyways


The cacophony of voices, noise pollution
fade into the roar of the community
Creating its own life, a vibration
a vivid sensation, a departure from oneself
One melts, and We Are.


We fall as one snow flake

Dancing in life right next to another

Each different, yet unique

Beautiful from afar,


Adorning the streets

Crowning the tree tops

In white splendor

with a snow storm of quiet beauty

that never sleeps…