By: RobertsReader~

I thank you Lord for all that you have blessed me with
Tender loving parents that nourished my heart and soul
Teaching me what was right and what was wrong
Helping me to achieve all my goals
A childhood of happiness but of others sufferings made aware
A seed planted deep in my heart to help and love my fellow man
To reach out and let them all know that I understand
Helping them to trust and love once again
Thank you Lord, for all the blessings you have given to me
 Helping me grow in body and mind to fulfill my destiny
Caring for the abused who need a helping hand
So they can get back on their feet and be proud once again
Thank you for the soft whispers when I need direction
To learn from the past and begin a new
To understand that some wishes you will not grant
Because they are not blessed by You
Thank you Lord, for the chance to renew
My heart and soul each day with Your love
For forgiving my transgressions
A.nd blessing me from above


When it is time for me to arrive
At the gates to heaven I pray
That I will have led a good enough life
That I will be blessed and allowed to stay


 Janice Marie