By: RobertsReader~.

Sometimes when we least expect it someone comes along

That makes our hearts sing and makes our will strong

We feel like we are capable of doing anything

Because this person makes us feel like a special human being

This types of person is far and in-between

And if you do not look hard enough

They will not be seen


I have a person that is just like this and I am happy he chose me

I needed him in my life and it just happened he  

Felt he needed me too


So you see, there is hope out there for all of you

That  really need someone special to be there and take your hand

To really care for you and who will listen and understand

All that is in your heart and soul and who will hang on tight

Someone special who will not let you out of his sight


Loving ways shared by two are never wasted through the night

Sharing is the best way to be and can make all your days right

So if you are lucky enough to have a special person in your life

Hang on to them and all of your life will be happy and bright


Janice Marie©1/14/14