By: RobertsReader~

Lord, I call on you now in a special way


It is through your power that I was created


Through your love that I was made strong


So that the devil’s whispers can be defeated


Every breathe that I take, every morning I wake


Every moment of every hour


To begin a new day, promises of renewal


 I am blessed and live under your power


Lord, I ask that you now touch me with that power


For you created me because of your love


Fill me with the healing power of your thoughts


Send the Holy Spirit from up above


Cast out anything that should not be in me


Let the warmth of your healing love heal and mend


Fix what is broken, renew my spirit


My love for you I will never recant


Lord, restore me to full health,


In mind and body, heart and soul


 That I may sing your praises and follow you


Wherever you want me to go

Janice Marie