By RobertsReader~

Years have passed and yet
It seems like just yesterday
Our world was turned upside down
By those who would freedom slay
There was no prior warning
On that horrific day
Everyone was doing their jobs
Those that were late were saved
Two airplanes carrying people home
Were taken over by mad men
They executed their plans well
The terror just began
Remember the victims from this day
The ones that could not get away
Our nightmare had just begun
As we watched as they tried to run
Honor the men and women
Who rose up to the call
Without thought of themselves
Many of these hero’s did fall
Our nation stood proud and tall
We were not defeated by this cowardice act
We raised our flags and our sleeves
No love of country did we lack
In remembrance of one and all
The victims and the brave
They did their best for their fellow men
Our way of living to save 

Janice Marie ©