By: RobertsReader~

There are times in life our hearts are saddened by someone


Crushed, beaten down and trampled on


In heated moments angry words are spoken


All ties to love are broken


True feelings are left unsaid


Old hurts return to hunt us


Slamming doors-locked rooms


Quiet descends on the home like a tomb


People love or people don’t


They can share or they won’t


There can be no peace no happiness


There can be no freedom and no rest


Another chance to love and smile


But it may take a little while


Love is lost on unwilling folk


If their heart has been broke


It takes time to mend a broken heart


When it has been torn apart


What was once will come again


Unto every living man


Angry words spoken to your mate


Could in time turn to hate


So be careful what you say


It will be remembered for many a day


Bite your tongue remember this fact


Whatever you say you can’t take back


Everyone has faults to forgive


Or else with them we could not live


So time will tell if love can return


If the fires inside the heart can burn


Longings return for that special man


The one that stayed and never ran

Janice Marie©