BY:  Janice Marie

I am so excited today because Emily and Clair and there dad are coming over for dinner and they will be staying with me while there dad goes Christmas shopping. Yes, it is that time of year and leave it to a man to wait until Christmas Eve before he goes shopping.  But I don’t really mind because it gives me a chance to be with them. They are growing so fast that pretty soon they will be  young ladies.

Dad has dropped them off and  I have dressed warm so that we can go into the glen tonight while dad shops.  I was invited to come to their Christmas party tonight.  I told the girls and they smiled and their eyes sparkled like the stars that were shinning tonight.

We could see all the fireflies in all the bushes surrounding the glen, they look like Christmas lights scattered here and there and lighting up the forest so that we had no problems getting into the glen. 

We were greeted by some very excited faeries as we walked toward the center of the glen.  It seems that someone very special was coming as a surprise for the Christmas faerie tonight. She is a very famous faerie and everyone knows all about her and how lovely she is when in the movies.  The Christmas faerie has spoken of her so often that the other faeries decided to send someone to ask her to come for Christmas as their special gift for their Christmas faerie.  She agreed and is here now.  They waved Emily, Clair and I forward to meet her.

When we came into her view she smiled at us and with her small delicate hand waved to us to come closer.  Emily let out a surprised squeak, “:That is Tinker bell, isn’t it?  Look, it is Tinker bell and she is telling us to come to her.”  ” Oh, yes it is !!” a surprised Clair said.

I smiled because I have watched Tinker bell since I was a child and how many millions of children have watched her in the movie Peter Pan.  I always thought some artist had just drawn her and she wasn’t real.  But here she was right before our eyes.  Smiling and laughing as she sat on the top of a flower. 

The Christmas Faerie was coming down the path to the glen and they didn’t want her to see Tinker bell until she was in the glen and they could surprise her.

The Christmas Faerie was dressed in a light flowing beautiful gown. So elegant and beautiful she looked The girls and I were speechless. When she and her faerie maids entered all got very quiet in the glen for she is a very special faerie and they only see her once a year because she is so busy. 

In the background tiny little voices began to sing Christmas carols as the Christmas faerie flew around and gave each faerie a tiny little box that was wrapped in gold and had sparkling gold stars all over them.  When she had finished giving out all her presents her maids led her to a small golden chair decorated with pretty red flowers and asked her to sit because the faeries of the glen had a surprise for her.

 As she sat and waited the faeries that had been covering Tinker bell, flew away and Tinker bell stood up and flew to the Christmas Faerie and bowed down to her.  The Christmas faerie was so happy that when she smiled the whole glen shown with golden sparkles falling down from the sky. The girls and I were amazed at how beautiful those sparkles were. How did she do that? 

She and Tinker bell talked for a very long time as the other faeries brought out small flowers with a very delicate blue liquid in them and offered some to all of us.  . We took a sip and it was such a heavenly taste. Like sweet sprinkles on cut out cookies.  They brought over leaves with tiny cookies they had made for this occasion. 

 We all had such a great time sipping the sweet sprinkle juice and eating these tiny cookies that we didn’t notice that the faerie’s were bringing something to us.  They seemed to be having a little trouble carrying the gold wrapped and sparkling boxes for Emily, Clair and I.  

When we opened them we all smiled.  Inside there was a golden metal box. We all opened them up and they were filled with little tubes of different color faerie dust.  The girls and I looked at each other and smiled.  The Christmas faerie flew to us and landed on my lap .  We looked down at her and all became very quiet in the glen as she raised her faerie wand and drew it across all our boxes. When she did this the different colored tubes began to sparkle and glow like small lights on a Christmas tree.  How beautiful they all looked inside the box.

After she had done this she started to speak. “I have used my magic wand to make these sparkles into faerie dust. Each tube is for a special need.  The white was for Happiness. The blue for Beauty, the green for Intelligence, The yellow for Smile sand the gold is a very special one for it is for Love. Now you all have everything you need to be happy.

We thanked her and she flew back to her seat and Emily, Clair and I enjoyed the festivities for a little while, but then I noticed the time and told the girls we would have to leave as their dad would be returning soon.

We waved good bye to our faerie friends and walked out of the glen into the forest with some of the faerie’s flying along so that we could find out way out for it had become dark.

We were sitting and enjoying some hot chocolate and talking about our wonderful night with the faerie’s and our special gifts when their dad pulled up and came into the house. The girls ran and gave him a big hug and excitedly showed him the gold box full of faerie dust.  He opened the box and was so surprised to see the different colors sparkling and glowing. He smiled and laughed and told me that it was such a nice gift that I had given to his girls. I smiled and didn’t say anything. I just looked at the girls and winked at them. The three of us were the only ones that knew the secret of the glen.

As they were pulling out they all waved to me and I yelled out to them. “Merry Christmas!” They yelled it back to me and waved as they slowly went down the road. What a wonderful Christmas Eve for Emily, Clair and me.