By: RobertsReader~

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as we have been told

But people don’t realize that beauty is even more beautiful

As they grow older

For what does a child see as beautiful when they are so young

Do they ever look at the setting of the sun

And see all its many shades that it makes across the land

The birds that fly above are beautiful as they wing

From tree to tree singing so sweetly

Sending their songs on the wind flowing across the fields

Wildflowers growing everywhere acres of color to behold

Like natures own special rainbow

Oceans that span so far that you can’t see the land

Differing in coloring since time began

Blues and greens and a mixture of both

As on the water you gaze as you float

Lakes full of islands of trees

So wondrous and beautiful to see

White doves flying overhead as you drift

Wings spread out and gliding effortlessly

How much more beautiful can it be

Look around you and really see

You are surrounded by beauty

Everyday it is there for us to enjoy

You just have to open your eyes and look

Real natural beauty is so much better than a book

The next time you take a walk really open your eyes

To all that is there to see and how wonderful

To be able to see with your eyes all this beauty

Older eyes can see the beauty in everything

In every living being

Janice Marie