By: RobertsReader~ 

Since we were young my friend and I

I have always called her Angel Eyes

She had eyes the softest of blue

They gave off a gentle hue

Her kindness had no bounds

And she always was there for all in the town

Then cancer came to call one day

And took my angel eyes away

She never told me of her pain

She always smiled and said call again

I had no clue that she was so ill

I never saw her take a pill

And then life started to catch up on us

And we started to see each other less and less

If I had known of her pain and illness

I would have been there for her to rest

You see as a good friend I have failed the test

And Angel Eyes is now at rest

But through my prayers she will live on

And in my heart and soul till my life is done

For someday in the future I will see her again

And smile at my Angel Eyes

My best friend

Janice Marie