By: HappyHazelEyes~ 

  Darkness covers the valley
  With a stillness like a breath withheld
 Silence surrounds me as I stand in awe
  of this…my world
  Straining my ears in the distance
 Comes a symphony of song
  The wind sings as it glides 
 along the valley floor
 Sleeping daises raise their heads softly 
 To gently sway back and forth
  I touch their petals as I gaze at the night sky
  Alone in my thoughts the music softens the day
 Making my heart sigh
 Night time is a silent time for reflection
 With the gifting of inner peace
  A time for old memories to be released
 The wind sings its song
  A different tune each night
  While it meanders through the valleys and hills
 Until the joy of the morning light