By: JustinJms1988~

Remember When….

By Justin James

I can still remember the look on your face

When I raced through the kitchen door

With a box full of squiggly frogs

That fell all over the floor

I thought you would really be angry

Instead you smiled and laughed

While I scrambled to catch them all

You held the box on your lap

I can still remember the tears in your eyes

As you read the note from uncle Tony

Letting you know I deliberately told him a lie

Sadly you looked at me and asked me, “Why?”

I watched a tear run down your face

Head bowed down I promised you that day

I would never forget what you taught me

And always the truth I would say

I can still remember the way you laughed

When I was a fox in my school play

Your eyes were shining so bright

As I ran up to you that happy day

You told me how proud you were

Because I spoke my lines loud and clear

You were very sure that everyone

In the back of the audience could hear

I can still remember going to the beach

Playing with my toys in the sand

You only had one day off from work

But you took me again and again

We went to Yankee games together

Filling up with soda and hot dogs

Screaming and cheering our home team

On the way home I slept like a log

I still remember the look you gave to me

When I brought my first girlfriend home

You fixed a special dinner for all of us

Then went for a walk so we could be alone

You trusted me to always be a gentleman

From the time when I was very young

Letting me make some of my own decisions

Teaching me the difference from right and wrong

I still remember that beautiful summer day

In my cap and gown walking down the aisle

I saw tears in your eyes as you watched me

But I only felt the warmth from your smile

I know the long hours you worked

So that I could continue my education

Then slipping away from the city

Taking time off for a vacation

I still remember when I told you

My dreams of what I wanted to be

You never tried to change my mind

Instead doing everything to encourage me

My dreams were starting to materialize

When I went west to the academy

Your words of wisdom I will always remember

“Son, be all that you can be.”

I still remember how proud you were the day

When you saw me standing in my uniform

Knowing that you couldn’t help me

If anything should go wrong

Your patience, guidance and love

I felt deeply within my heart

I knew how sad you were that day

When we said goodbye and had to part

I remember the times I was lonely

And I called you on the phone

Talking with me for hours

So that I wouldn’t feel so alone

You helped me to be all I could be

Now I am a full grown man

I wouldn’t trade my life with you

If I had it to do all over again

Mom you will always be

very special to me