By: JustinJms1988~  .

 The attic needed cleaning
so I went up to see
If anything in those old boxes
should belong to me
I opened one that had my name on it

  and to my great surprise
it was full of old letters
from my grandpa that had died
I got a funny feeling
deep within my heart
I had to sit down and breathe deep
so I could read them all from the start
grandpa was a great guy
full of happiness and joy
always ready to join in the fun
and play with his little boy
he remembered all the old days
and passed them on to me
all about cars that had metal wheels
taking me back in time so that I could really see
We moved away from where he lived
so very long ago
I really missed my grandpa
I truly loved him so
Each week he would write me a letter
filled with funny little quotes
I would smile as I read them
He was always full of jokes
Now that grandpa is gone
I miss him so very much
He was my best friend
He had the magic touch

JustinJms1988… Justin