By: Feign~


 time was when nights were fair and full
 stars shone in the waters
 reflecting tumbling van Gogh stars
  and a certain silent softness
 blanketed my soul
  on gently drifting isinglass 
 the moonbeams filtered through
  and dreams did too…
  and never were there monsters
  when my eyes closed to sleep
  not under bed or overhead
 my dreams were ever sweet
 a coronet of flowers
 the fairies wove for me
 for I was Princess of my dreams
  they circled around me
 all that I desired
 all I held most high
 all the love I did not know
  the things I kept inside
  the innocence of childhood
  those too, I knew to hide
 but none could take my dreams away
 no matter how they tried
 As I grew older I did see
 my wall of dreams pierced 
  I lacked the strength to push away
  the devils that would plague my day
 sometimes they would sneak inside
 on their night mares,they would ride
  the moral of my dreams is this
  the cradle of my young dreams bliss
 intrusion of the serpents hiss
 the dreams I built, the dreams struck down
  the wilting of a flowered crown
 they will not keep a dreamer down
 for now she knows this world is real
 and life, sometimes her dreams reveal