By: Feign~ 

 “look at me” said Magnolia tree
 “my flowers big as plates!
 the regal rose looked down her nose
said “probably what you ate.”
 The marigolds a rowdy crowd interjected thus
 “pretty ie as pretty does”
 “oh pretty rose you’ll rue your words”
 “for you’ll get snipped, not us.”
 the peonies hung their heads so low
Bowed down as though confused
 they should have been supported more
 their perfume thus suffused
 The shabby daffodils exclaimed
“The pretty crocuses have croaked
 the wilting tulip looked at them
 and said “we’re next in this game.’
 “we’re all meant to be called ”
the elegant iris spoke
 but look at morning glory there
“wide open, sun enthralled”