Another notebook….
One of so many that has been.
Last one closed and tucked away
For reference and safe keeping…
Fresh clean pages await me
Collecting all that I experience
All that I learn
All that I seek…
Notes to self….
Doodles…of my whimsical thoughts
Sketches of my dreams
Written paintings of the
Beauties I encounter
All that I wish to
Remember always…

Beautiful ribbon bookmarks
For the moments I cherish most
Tattered edges
Marking off the things I have learned
Folded corners
Where I choose not to dwell
Tear stained pages
Mark the saddest of times
My fingerprints on every page
Each notation touched by me personally
Or me by it…
In someway or another
Yet to be written
Emotions poured out on every page
Whether happy, sad, angry or mellow,
Even if only indifference
My pages fill quickly some days
Others seem to take a while
But the pen of thought is ever moving
Notes to self….
Remember, this made you smile
This made you sad, this made you strong…
And yes…..
This made you love….
Those beautiful ribbons that mark
Those things most cherished
Those things that make
Your heart smile
Your soul sing….
It is the ribbons
That mark life’s greatest experiences
My most incredible pages
Where I choose to reminisce
Where I fan the flames of today’s peace
Today’s happiness…today’s joy
Those memories
From moments ago or as far back as my youth
Nourish my soul…
These ribbons help to remind me
As I write my more solemn pages
I draw strength from them
Remembering that shadows
Dwell even in the darkest places
Reminding me
There is always a ribbon of hope somewhere
4-29-13 ©