By: Bitterbud~

The butterfly garland in her hair
I try in vain but I stop and stare
As the dream thief, without a care,
Cuts dreams into a dress to wear
Making her small incisions.
My dreams are gone – I must be too
Within the daylight’s subtle view
When black is covered up by blue
And bird song tolls across anew –
I donate my twilight visions.

I cannot wait to sleep at night
As the outside turns to black from white
Anticipating what will be my sight
As diamond encrusted dreams ignite
To float me up to heaven.
She promptly returns to collect my dream
Sewing another cross-stitched seam
Underneath the light of the old moonbeam
Who caresses her skin – silver and cream –
As she makes the stitching even.

One morning as the darkness fades
As light creates it’s artful shades
As the sun over the land parades
Illuminating her golden braids
The needle pricked her finger.
She cried out and I awoke
And her dress, her tears began to soak
As I, the silence softly broke
She looked at me as I gently spoke –
She did not run but linger.

I asked her if she was alright
She was ever such a sorry sight
Sitting now with day not night
Looking lost amidst the light
I kneeled down before her.
She looked at me with a teary smile
And folded the dress into a small, neat pile
Talking for a little while
Saying her journey had one more mile –
Down the street, round the corner.

‘I borrow dreams to clad my way
I wear them as I cross the day
Camouflaged by the sun’s kind ray’
She hastily began to say –
‘I distribute them to children.
Who are not appreciated in their land
Who need the courage to withstand
A family with a cruel, mean hand
Or bullies who bully in a band,
To help them not to run.’

I plastered her index finger up
I gave her water in a cup
I offered her bread, on her way, to sup
I offered my happiest dream to give up
As she stepped onto the air’s wavy reams
Saying ‘I will see you soon tomorrow
To take your dreams for those in sorrow
Those who need happiness to borrow
To fill those heads whose hearts are hollow
With your diamond encrusted dreams.’

She dissolved into the sun’s kind arms
Carrying the unfinished dress in her palms
Off to deliver children from nightmare harms
With her collected dreams and collected charms
Permeating across the sky.
She unstitches her new dress when she finds a child
Whose life is perhaps tumultuous and wild
She attaches it to their soul, beguiled
So that for night, the dream is paved and tiled
Allowing for heaven on high.

Nicole Paton


© Nicole Paton. All rights reserved

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