By: ADevilParadigm~

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I’ve walked the shoes of emptiness, too long
The essence of my heart is imbalanced, wrong
I traipse the shadows, embracing the forlorn wastes for your song

Melancholy’s grasp is chilling, absurd
The bleakness of my mind has returned
There is this passion that bleeds in my heart deep, and it burns

For within you my love is infinite, untainted
The portrait of my dead black soul, is painted
In my eyes, your divinity, is worthy of the purest sainthood.

You, illuminatrix of the dark, are my guiding light
The epitome of everything I could want at night
Benighted, maybe, but this gaze is reserved for you, my delight

It was when I saw you in the shadows, alone
Something bit me hard, and I yearned to atone
These feelings arose, ‘neath the nocturne moonlight, a cyclone

Words alone can not describe what it is I feel
When the minuetto is cast, and my eyes you steal
Adoration exposed, like the toppling of night, I can not conceal

Jewel, more exquisite than the deepest dark ruby
Intricate colors, reflecting the multi-faceted beauty
Within and without you, though not flawless, can be moody

Gaze upon the cosmos with me, it will be alright
We all have our demons, that keep us contrite
Let ours become one, forget the past, and dance deep into night
[Lexx Raiiden – 2014]

a devil paradigm