By: Chasingtheday~

Here in silence I travel across plains

of solitude while wisps of loneliness
catch fire in the soft sighs which pass me by,
I could have touched love’s beauty with a smile,
but all my frowns they took charge for awhile.
I long for sunshine but it always rains,
and as I encounter all the faithless,
a black and white rainbow slips from my eye,
I could have touched her beauty with a smile,
but all my fears faced inwards for awhile.

And now I find that I’m awake once more,
searching the dawn for evening’s battered call,
lost in the games of pleasure’s ruly pain,
I am sure there was a door here before
the darkness captured and pinned me to the wall
of shivered laughter where I go insane.
Here are all my emotional remains,
wrapped in desire’s tender hopeful canvas,
perhaps I will find her before I die,
I could have touched love’s fancy with a smile,
all insecurities played for awhile.

Author Notes

“Find something only you can say.” ~James Dickey

© chasingtheday. All rights reserved

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