rick 2

Rick  began writing at age six

and he remembers that the experience led to more poems.

We know him as  RickInSATexas.

 He has been a regular in the Late

Night Poets Chat since August 2013

He first discovered the room by accident

and thinks it is great.

 He says he feels that the LNP Poets are .. great!

His  poetry has been published in

“Great  Poets of the Western World”

Rick has performed as a spoken word poet

in readings at the University of Texas

He says that his favorite  poetry Venue is:   Sharing poems with friends

Rick enjoys  his time in the  Late Night Poetry Room

and Allpoetry.com contests


You can read his poetry at:




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 The Profile Below~!


Name : Rick

San Antonio, Texas

How long on-line   Since 1993

Rick has been a member of  Late Night Poetry  for 6 months

He is a  Science Teacher

He has his Bachelors in Anthropology


His Masters in Environmental Science

Few People know that Rick is interested in: 

Paranormal phenomena


Favorite Author….   Robert E Howard

Favorite Book….  Foundation trilogy

Favorite Poet:  William Carlos Williams


Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…….

1) Music

2) Reading

3) Films

4) Photography

5) Gardening


Favorite Sports/Teams:  Spurs

Favorite Music/Band :  AC/DC with bon scott

Favorite Movie:  Dune

Favorite Foods:  Mexican, Chinese, Italian

Favorite Place To Vacation: Colorado

Current Projects:  Putting together a collection of his poetry


Top  websites Rick most frequents:

1.    AOL.com

2.  Allpoetry.com

3. Wireclub.com




What Is A  Poem ?


A Poem

Is a whisper

In the soul’s cathedral


A poem

Is a wish

Beneath childhood’s stars


A Poem

Is a howl

In the literatural darkness


A poem

Is a premonition

A Deja-vu of the heart


A poem

Is a memory

Of things that may never be


A poem

Is a confession

Of the sins in our dreams