By: Chasingtheday~

“I love you,” she whispers,

“my delicate spiritual man, sweet deliverance.”
And stars collapse like light; trembling on moist lips; reflected sighs,
eyes spill yellow blooms of beauty into wild lands,
history is a crease within eternity’s wonderful thighs,
perfection’s delicious sensations are crystal arrangements inside fast fragrance
as summer’s quiet desire splashes warm soft hands.

Bands of golden sunshine,
fingered vows, pretty silvered lace,
diamond circular decoration in artistic tides.

Wide open expression dances from a dream’s silhouette as his heart spins brilliance,
“I love you,” he sings, his musical voice an operatic rise,
skies erupt whilst miniature flowers bloom in sands;
particles of freedom, held between time’s dimensional disguise,
then gently, rhythm’s personality traits are whittled down into cool silence,
looms of divinity weave melodic commands.

Strands of romance align
themselves with universal grace,
branches of language wash over characters; groom and bride.

Strides of magical tones cross imagination,

steps collide with complexity,
individuality sips on the wine of heroic exploits;

cream fancy.

Author Notes

This is a doubled up Individualtean form poem http://allpoetry.com/poem/9875869-A_Step_By_Step_Guide…-by-chasingtheday

© chasingtheday. All rights reserved

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