By: Chasingtheday~

An aardvark and aardwolf went aargh
At aaron’s beard, aaronns rod flowered
In time again at hearing future aargh!
‘aarp’ went on holiday to a’asia
Taking along aardvark and aardwolf for fun.
The ‘aau and ‘aaup’ also went along,
Making sure they had ‘ab’ type blood –
Just in case of accidents, the ‘aab’ –
Both of them, also decided on going,
It awesome holiday place to go they say.
Taken along too was abaca for gift to soil there,
The natives were taken aback – and showed it too.
They threw an abacus at ‘aarp’ ‘aau’ ‘aaup’
And both ‘aab’ groups then hid abaft
To eat scrummy yummy abalone without sharing.
Abandoned was holiday and everyone went home
Feeling very abashed from abasement.

© chasingtheday. All rights reserved

Chasingtheday / Late Night Poets @AllPoetry.com