By: Chasingtheday~

With a smile I touch the mail truck’s warm sign
and with laughter’s language I feel so fine,
a wish I’d like so tag my friend and run
towards the van, it is so much sweet fun!

There are flowers in her soft luscious hair,
they bounce and dance as I wondrously stare,
she’s so beautiful, I am in love’s sigh,
I quickly look at her then avoid her eye.

I let her get to the cool mail truck first,
her fragrant giggles make her fit to burst,
scented candles in her eyes are on fire
as her passion shows, her fantastic desire.

I wonder what her gorgeous wish will be,
hope and pray it’s to be in love with me,
her personality is so divine,
towards the fractured heavens she does shine.

Complex in her super simplicity,
she’s really alive, so fast and so free,
we swirl and twirl inside magical bliss,
then our lips meet for a delicious kiss.

Author Notes

© chasingtheday. All rights reserved

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