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Wedding Bells Will Soon Be Ringing !!


I Am Pleased To Announce The Engagement of:




Two Kind and Loving Spirits

That Have Found Each Other

Love is…..The True Poetry of Life

From: Soulprobe7 to DarkBlueDominion

It’s a rainy day, it’s Sunday
I’m thinking about you
I stare out the window
each drop splashes silhouettes 
which dance in the distance, blue
I can smell the rain
and the chimes are divine
singing a ballad with each breeze
as the droplets and the songs
cleanse all of time
No worries for the weary
or boundaries which brake
freedom are the caterpillars
which rest upon the leaves
morphed souls, wings do make
Essence floating free as we embrace
dance us in the warm rain
of silhouettes on a solemn Sunday
as I stare out the window
of this opaque glass pane
April 28, 2013


From: DarkBlueDominion to Soulprobe7

Heartfelt Rain
she lies in tranquil solitude
thoughts dancing with the rain
a subtle serenade of visions
that’s intensity can’t be explained
her spirit flowing with the rhythm
feelings refuse to be fought off
rising passion of her soul
now swept up and cast aloft
a constant pouring of emotions
flood like the patter on the roof
she struggles with the reasons
of which her pounding heart gives proof
a storm within the senses 
she tries to relax her mind
but the heartfelt rain relentless
there’s no shelter she can find
she surrenders to the downpour
gives in with pleasured dreams
her soul sent upon new journeys
softly floating down new streams.


Much Love To You Both

In The New Year