By: Glenn Marchand Jr.~

You’re both my passion and my nightmare. You’re my 
Paradox, my shattered vase, longing in desperation. 
Upon a woodblock, I have carved your inscription, and
Placed it within my memoirs. I’m overtaken by this maze
Of infection. And you languish within my soul, 
Gnawing upon my composure. Thus, within the margins, I 
Compose to my sorrow, alive, if only to perish in my 
Identity. Seismic rapture drowns me within a whirlpool
Of visions, where I’m hopeful, filled with naivety. And 
I’m rhapsodic in my misery, enlove with my poison, 
Kneeling to the depth of my affliction. I’m frantic to 
Touch emotion, to penetrate the veil of Spirit, if only to 
Extract this splinter. And you dwell nearest to my 
Heartbeat, knifing my spirit, musing upon love letters. 


© Glenn Marchand Jr.. All rights reserved