By: Foxseaone~

Is it enough
to know
that I am here now

and later
that I once was?

Will that sustain you
through all the long lonely years to come?
Will my lips remain moist in your memory?
Will you remember what it felt like when I embraced you
when we looked into each other’s eyes and saw only that, nothing more

will it be enough?
Will the tears cleanse you?
Will the photos burn an imprint of the past into the present?
Will our son remind you of all that was good about me, about us?

I have become a beast
I have lied and twisted everything
I shall bond with others by bashing you
pretending you are a simple stereotype, for the truth is too painful.

I shall anger you
to the edge of your demise,
but you will survive
and struggle with the ashes of what was,
a flickering flame that can’t be smothered by sheer will alone
and I shall smolder in your mind for eternity.

It will never be enough
and you shall go on reaching
never grasping,
always asking
never satisfied,
always aching
alone in the shallows.

C.S. Fox