By: Feign~

I sometimes wake in darkness
the sun did not yet rise
though I am aware, awake
I don’t open my eyes
for open, I might lose
the beauty of the dream
that had my eyes stayed open
I would have never seen
I wonder at the meanings
of dreams lit in the sun
they leave me with a feeling
of things I left undone
perhaps the sun just burns away
a thought as yet unsung
like a wafer on a tongue
it touches, disappears
solidity has melted
and something else, not clear
leaves a sort of yearning
can you get there from here?
the rituals are different
it means nothing to me
behind my eyes, I keep the dream
until the sun makes me
see all reality
yet lose a part of me
yet are we not both dreamers,
on somewhat similar paths?
and isn’t it quite human
to want the dream to last?
isn’t that fleet wafer
part of holding fast?