By: Feign~

You were halfway up the stairs
of the Metropolitan Museum
saw you way before you saw me.
I was breathless from the hike up from Grand Central
and waking up
way too early to pick the perfect outfit,
doing all the things women do
to look perfect at first glance,
so men will love them.
The usual mob shifted
and I lost sight of you, briefly.
When women fall in love
the workings of their quirky minds expand to contain
all of you and a particle or two of auto-pilot
so they can maneuver,
I believe the word is “smitten.”
We met online(of course)
and talked by the light of monitors
for a few weeks, then exchanged phone numbers
and I finally accepted an invitation to meet you
in the city for a late lunch.
I saw you way before you saw me.
You wouldn’t have noticed anyway,
you were so deep into the kiss,
blissfully hugging a fairly pretty brunette
“I’ll meet you at 9ish,” you said,and after another heartfelt kiss,
tore themselves apart, like an old exaggerated silent movie.
You were nice looking…
it was a shame to waste a whole perfect day, I thought
I wonder what you did from 10:30 to 9ish?…………