By: RecentIy03~

Casting shadows for your love
with simple gestures of the wrist
while you flick a thumb
like Pocahontas
before falling backwards
into bed.
Lost again in the layers
of your voice,
finding silence in your words,
staring out the window
mezmorized by another sunset.
On the television,
“reality TV” and talking heads
traversing in circles,
constantly swallowed by their desire
to be someone else.
Yet into the darker shades
of darkness
we glide
like swans
taking flight,
by momentary
glimpses of euphoria,
our empyrean compass,
our eternal north–
Souls searching this world
where thoughts forge reality,
a vast resorvoir of past lives
and conflicting ideologies
combining with conscious elements abound.
Now, when we transcend time,
transient frames of existence
colliding into a singularity–
reaching for another cold beer,
your favorite song playing softly,
the smell of her perfume
lingering on your shirt the next morning,
harmonizing the collective laughter
of a million lifetimes,
burning an effigy of the past with a kiss.